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  • Our Full terms and conditions of Goods In Transit are covered under the RHA rules see the link on the home page
  • We do not carry hazardous goods or chemicals
  • Some products can be sent but are not insured. Alcohol, Perfume, Phones, Computers, Electrical Goods, Food. Check if you’re unsure
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Orders must be placed on our web site no later than:

11.30 for those users outside our NR post code catchment area

14.00 for those local users within the NR post code catchment area

Palletshifter is operated by Jack Richards and Son Ltd who as a member of Palletline UK Ltd use the group members across the UK and Europe. From collection to delivery pallets will be trans-shipped a minimum of six times, therefore consignments must be packaged in accordance with the following specifications. Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in refusal to collect the goods. You could incur excess surcharges and in the event of damage to your goods whilst in transit, you may void your insurance cover.

If you need to make any changes to a consignment after your booking has been placed, please contact us as soon as possible at


a) Must be of robust construction and suitable for the type of goods to be carried.
b) Must not have missing slats, boards or support blocks.
The goods on the pallet: a) Must not exceed the dimensions of the pallet
b) Must not overhang the pallet
c) Must be stable when packed or placed on the pallet.
d) Must not be top-heavy and must be able to withstand at least six fork lift handling processes.
e) Must be firmly and properly secured to the pallet base by shrink-wrap, fibre or steel banding, chains, or any other appropriate means
f) Must have sufficient packaging, such as bubble wrap, cardboard, or any other appropriate packaging to protect the goods

ENGINES: we do not accept engines that are not packaged in a suitable crate, or are sealed in plastic and banded. As an experienced haulage company we have seen too many spillages and accidents with engines that have not been fully cleaned and drained of fluids or have been poorly secured to an open pallet. Sorry but we care about all our customers freight; please pack it properly or it will be refused.


There are two key pallet sizes
Euro Pallet 1.0 m X 80cm
UK Pallet 1.2 m X 1.0 m

Both are fully useable in both the UK and Europe. Do Not Use USA specification pallets they measure 1.2m x 1.2m. These pallets are only open at one end, tail lift deliveries cannot be made because UK SPECIFICATION pallet handling trucks have forks that do not fit.


We are able to ship pallets that exceed the standard dimensions however these are charged at additional spaces please go to Home page and select the oversize pallets to get a quote


We do not offer a service to provide pallets or pack pallets, to obtain a pallet please contact your local pallet manufacture/supplier of whom many exist all in locations.


The collection driver is responsible in law for his load; he has the legal right to refuse to collect the goods if he deems them to be unfit or unsafe for transport. The goods must fit within the pallet dimensions failure to do this may incur additional costs for delivery and in the event of damages may not be claimable


When the goods are being delivered the person signing for them should examine them for damage or shortages. If there is an issue you should advise the following:

  • Refuse the delivery; the driver has an electronic PDA with a section to complete marked CLAUSED. Get him to take photos with his device and contact his depot. Do not let the driver fob you off with signing received ok when there is a problem. If need be make him wait until you have spoken to his depot or your supplier/sender.
  • If the pallet is short of product or does warrant a full refusal ask the driver to mark it on his PDA PART DELIVERY. Get him then follow the same guidelines as above.
  • Where goods cannot be delivered through no fault of the delivery depot (access issues, incorrect address, no one in) a charge of £25 per pallet (+vat) will be chargeable.
  • NOTE: The narrative "unchecked" or similar is not accepted and will not act as a claused proof of delivery. Insurance Companies will not accept this as a defence

DELIVERY INFORMATION click to see our video

Tail lift delivery: to facilitate a tail lift delivery the consignment must not weigh more than 1000KG the goods should be on a standard pallet. Do not send on a closed end pallet (See Pallet Sizes USA pallets) the delivery can only be made onto solid surface i.e. concrete, or tarmac The reason being that manual pump truck equipment will not function on rough, loose, or soft, surfaces. In addition if the delivery point is on an incline then this will increase the weight factor significantly and may render it impossible for the driver to unload safely. The delivery will be made as close to the property as physically possible but where access and conditions prevail that restricts the delivery the driver may have to leave the pallet by the kerbside.

IMPORTANT: We will not enter private property the network is not insured for private residences it is a CURB SIDE delivery only if you invite the driver or the driver and his vehicle onto your property they are instructed to refuse. The reasons are summoned up below and this is not a definitive list

  • Crushing of driveway surfaces such as brick weave
  • Oil marks left on driveways
  • Underground drains fracturing
  • Manhole covers damaged
  • Trees and plants damaged
  • Telephone wires brought down
  • Gates and post being caught because the entrance is too tight
  • Animals injured during offloading
  • Persons injured
  • Neighbours complaining over shared access points


The standard type of lorry used within the pallet network is an 18 Tonne rigid vehicle fitted with a skeletal frame body, tail lift and curtain sides. They are designed to carry 10 tonnes of weight.

The nature of what we do is to move large heavy goods economically; the delivery vehicle will have large skeletal bodies with soft sided curtains and are very susceptible to damage from overhanging trees and protruding bushes. They are not the same as other types of LGV such a large dustbin lorry or builder’s lorry which have solid structures and are not at the same risk level.


Height: 3.4Metres
Length: 13 Metres
Width: 2.8 Metres


To help keep the network efficient members operate a limited number of smaller delivery vehicles, you can advise in "notes" for a smaller vehicle however this not guaranteed and it may affect your chosen service level due to the re- scheduling arrangements at any given depot to accommodate such requests.

NOTE: smaller vehicles will have a reduced carrying weight typically 2000kg and the tail lift capacity will normally be 750KG. Therefore the unloading of pallets weighing over this limit will not be possible. The solution is to split the load into two half pallets or arrange for the delivery point to provide alternative off loading i.e. Fork Lift or Persons to handball.
Small vehicle dimensions (typically 7.5 tonne): note maximum carry capacity will be about 2000KG so expect members to deliver 1000KG pallets
Height: 3.4 Metres
Length: 7.5 Metres
Width: 2.8 Metres.

  • We will not enter private property the network is not insured for private residences it is a CURB SIDE delivery only if you invite the driver or the driver and his vehicle onto your property they are instructed to refuse.
  • Heavy loads cannot be delivered on small vehicles the two don’t go together make sure you calculate your requirements.
  • BIG Lorries carry heavy pallets but they sometimes don’t fit where you want them to go.


Insurance is included (subject to RHA conditions of carriage) at the rate of £5.00 per kilogram of the item that has been damaged or is missing. If only part of a consignment suffers from loss or physical damage, liability shall be limited to that proportion of the sum calculated for that part to which the actual value is attributable to and does not provide full payment to the value of the whole Consignment.

You must notify Palletshifter using the claim section of the web site within 5 days of any damages, loss, or non-delivery of. If our web site is not accessible please contact us in writing at the earliest opportunity to register the claim. You must provide the following mandatory information: Proof of Purchase/ Proof of Sales Value/ Proof of Ownership, Net Weight of the damaged goods and Photographs.


We want your shipment to go without problems but if you do need to claim then best to be prepared we suggest:

  • Upload a photo of your goods packaged on the pallet before sending;
  • Keep a copy of your sales invoice or web site transaction
  • Obtain or keep evidence of the weight of the goods (sales literature from the supplier or information from the web is a good source)
  • Copy of a purchase invoice for the goods. If you are selling an item that you do not have a receipt for then we will require a letter stating this fact and it will need to be accompanied with some evidence as to how it is valued. We suggest the use of suppliers brochures information/valuations from the web
  • Insured value: Remember some goods may not weigh very much but might have a high value, our insurance is calculated on weight only. Don’t enter an incorrect weight you will have provide evidence if you claim. If you know that you are under insured you may need to consider an alternative transport arrangement
  • When a claim is processed the damaged goods will become property of the insurance company, they will be repatriated to our holding warehouse whilst the claim is being processed. Once the claim has been settled the goods will remain the property of the insurers. In the event that the claim is not authorised we will advise you accordingly and quote for their return.


Some goods cannot be insured under the terms of our policy Items include: Perfume, Alcohol, Computers, Mobile Phones, Precious Stones and Metals. Please check the RHA conditions of carriage.

To process a claim go to

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